Analyzing the technical condition of a gas turbine and predicting stoppages

To develop a model for the predictive analysis of structural members in a gas turbine unit and to demonstrate the possibilities for detecting defects and process failures during the GTU operation, prior to their occurrence.


Apply F5 PMM as a system for the diagnostics and forecast of the technical condition of equipment.

Input data: certificate characteristics, list of controlled parameters, description of the circuit diagram, piping and purging diagrams (with ICA specifications), telemetry data for 1 year of GTU operation.

Sequence of actions

  • the historical data of the gas turbine operation has been analyzed
  • the relevant parameters characterizing the GTU structural members are determined
  • predictive models for the GTU structural members are developed using a set of mathematical algorithms
  • time intervals with nominally normal GTU operation modes, which presumably had no defects, were determined to train models

As a result, the following defects were detected:

Uneven heating of the turbine blades
case gtu 1.jpg
Graphs of turbine exhaust T variance at 24 points over the period of March 2014

Fractures, cracks, dents on the structural members of burners. The heating zone is marked in green on the gas turbine heat map.
case gtu 2.png
 GT exhaust heat map for March, 2014

Disturbed airflow of the compressor intake duct.
case gtu 3.jpg
Diagram of pressure differential change on IAFU coarse filter for the period of March 2014 to December 2014.
Wear of white metal lining on the turbine bearing.
gtu 4_eng.jpgTurbine bearing temperatre, GTU active power, GT speed change diagrams.

Oil temperature rise in the lubrication system oil tank.
case gtu 5.png
Oil tank T, generator active power, oil tank level, bearing lub oil T, and all GTU bearing T change diagrams.

  • Inlet air filter unit
  • Compressor
  • Combustion chamber
  • Power turbine
  • Compressor bearing
  • Turbine bearings
  • Generator bearings
  • Gearbox bearings
8 types
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